Roadmap & Changelist

One of my biggest failures as an entrepreneur is to start a project that is so big that it's never get finished. This time I choose to put Klezzer (back) online and develop it on the way if it gains traction. Here you can check the roadmap and changelist of Klezzer. Leave feedback if you have awesome ideas. Thanks!

GEO searchSearch based on geographic location.
Community searchLet other members of the Klezzer community search for you.
AIAdd some kind of AI to select tags for users.
iCalendariCalendar integration, for example the availability of a holiday home.
Revenue sharingAdvertising revenue should flow to users for viral adoption.
Referrer of the weekAn extra bonus for the top referrals of the week.
Trustflow systemBusinesses can send trust flow to other businesses they work with.
Event searchSearch based on date (ranges).
2024-04-01April 1st launch!
2024-03-04Added tagging system for search results.
2024-02-27Created Spider named KlezzerBot.
2024-02-26Set up the basics of Klezzer.

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